Just add stripes: quilt #2 for 2011

Here is the finally finished ladder quilt that has been 90% complete for the past 8 months – barely squeaking by the finished-in-2011 deadline.  This quilt started in the sweltering summer, and I can remember pinning it in shorts with all the windows and doors open to bring in as much breeze as possible.  Now we can actually use it!


You might notice that the stripes are not straight.  The blocks were originally designed for a quilt that would look more like this, but when it was all spread out on the floor, the colors were not contrasting enough to pull it off – hence the simplified design.  Thanks to my East Bay Modern Quilt Guild friends for teaching me how to feature this little selvage swatch detail – it’s my favorite part:


Wishing you all a warm holiday season and lots of finished projects!



  1. Kristy December 21, 2011

    This is an amazing quilt! It’s perfect and lovely.

  2. Nova December 21, 2011

    i adore this! such a beautiful quilt

  3. Author
    Ellen Heck January 2, 2012

    Thanks so much, Kristy and Nova!

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