Pantone Pine and the Happy Little Color Swatches

It’s feeling a lot like Christmas everywhere you look! Here in the studio, we look forward to the moment when we can put our little Pantone pine out on the table. Every year we decorate the studio tree with swatches that were left out in the sunny Texas studio too long, thus they were no longer matchable. Instead of throwing them away, we saved them for our little tree … I guess you could call it the Tree of Misfit Swatches. (I just had to link to a clip from our beloved Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It’s just not Christmas without at least one viewing.) Which makes me think … Hm? I wonder what color that nose really would be? Perhaps Pantone 200C or Pantone Red 032C?

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas decorating as much as we are! We would love to hear about your unusual Christmas tree adornments or holiday decorations. And, we hope that your holiday season is as colorful and bright as Pantone 17-1463, (recently announced 2012 Color of the Year) !


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  1. muv December 13, 2011

    Pantone has decreed…….orange! …for 2012. Paw’s couch is back in style! For at least its fifteen minutes.

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