A Mother-Artist/Daughter-Artist Interview

Recently, Alex Colombo, a fellow artist, and author of The Moon From My Attic blog, interviewed us (Cathy, the mom, and Ellen, the daughter) for her site.  Thank you Alex. It was fun for us to reminisce about our paths, which we discovered were paved with children’s books in the playroom and an art supply drawer in the kitchen.  If you know a budding little artist, you can learn some tips of the trade from the interview here. Happy drawing!


  1. Claire Heck April 26, 2012

    A delightful article!

  2. Doug Rucker April 27, 2012

    What a wonderful interview. I could hear both of your voices in my head as I read (Ellen, yours still sounds like baby talk as that is the last time I saw you). Have a great time in NYC. I shot in the High Line when it opened for some spots we did for monster.com. Beautiful addition to the city and passionate, visionary people made it happen. People like you two.

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