Spring Break Work Week at Cathy Heck Studio

This year, I had the great idea for a fun way to spend Spring Break as a family:  Spring Break Work Week right here in sunny Austin, Texas!  My idea was that Ellen could fly to the Austin office, and our two college gals could join us for one full week of trade-show-prep amusement. For college students, this is probably not the first idea that pops into their heads for an exciting Spring Break, but I had a list of great reasons to join the fun: 1) opportunity to earn extra spending money, 2) warmer weather in popular Austin, Texas–although that part didn’t exactly go as planned 3) we could try out the hip new Austin trailer foods between projects  4) do not have to dress up ever  5) airfare included 4) your mom/boss will love you forever (oh yeah, she would do that any way).

Happily, all three helpers arrived from states afar, and the work week began.  By the end of the week, our trade show booth props and marketing were finished.  I guess our holiday wasn’t exactly an episode of Studio Girls Gone Wild, but we had fun and felt very accomplished–at least from my point of view.  Here’s a little video snippet with another perspective of the action-packed week from two of my workers.

And, here are a few pictures of our busy week in the studio. As you can see, we have a ROY G BIV thing going on as the theme for our booth. However, our particular rainbow is actually PROY G BIV–we just had to add a little PINK to the front of the color spectrum.

Here is our wonderful new studio assistant, Erynn, who also joined the work week fun. And, yes, she did survive the sisterly banter, and we are happy to say, she is still with us.

If you would like to try a Spring Break Work Week at your home or workplace, you are welcome to borrow my list of compelling reasons for attending the event. I think the secret is to take off time for a movie or two, and feed your staff well. And, for those of you attending SURTEX in a couple of weeks, we are looking forward to seeing you there!


  1. leslie May 7, 2012

    oh my! I love this! Looks like some fun at CHS!

  2. Author
    Cathy Heck May 7, 2012

    And oh my! Do we ever miss you and having you in the studio!! But we do love seeing the amazing work you are creating at Lilly & Louise.

  3. Muv May 7, 2012

    All of you continue to amaze me!

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