My Friend Ronnie, Blog to Blog

Today, I am proud to be included in Ronnie Walter’s blog post series, Me and My Girls. Ronnie and I have been fast friends ever since we met at the National Stationery Show before we were both so famous. :-) A highlight of our trade show season is seeing Ronnie and “the other wonderful Jim” at trade shows near and far. However, when the Cathy Heck Studio contingent arrives at a show, we do have to scour our booth to find and remove the giant plastic roach that has been surreptitiously placed on one of our presentation panels. (Only Ronnie would keep giant plastic roaches in her trade show tool kit.)

Ronnie keeps us laughing whenever we are together, and the products that feature her licensed work will bring a smile to your face.  Above is one of Ronnie’s angels from her collection for Blossom Bucket.  I keep this right by my side as I work, and this little gal comes in handy on big deadline days.  I plan to collect the entire heavenly host, as one can never have too many guardian angels. Thank you, my friend, Ronnie.


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