$2.50 in Sand Dollar Currency

While we were in LA for some business meetings, we were lucky enough to start our days with some morning walks on the beach. We loved seeing the little Sea Camp campers starting the day with swimming and sand. But the highlight of our walks occurred when we found 2 whole perfect sand dollars and one perfect half of a sand dollar! For some of you, this may seem unimpressive, but for those of us from the inland, it was nothing short of a miracle. In fact, Jim, had never found a whole sand dollar in his whole long-legged life! I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and blog about the $2.50 (in sand dollars) we brought back. But, alas, in the deadlines that followed, one of the pristine dollars found its delicate self under a pile of print-outs and when I lifted them, it was crushed. And, I was crushed. Lest you are about to shed a tear for me, not to worry … because, here is the silver lining … inside the broken shell were two perfect little doves of peace. See them there next to their broken vessel? So our $2.50 discovery turned out to be a real treasure. We hope you’ve been feeling the good will and peace emanating from the studio doves!

Below is a sneak peek at some new studio critters and patterns, the inspiration for which came from our seaside walks. Have a great day, mateys.


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