A Pack of Pachyderms from Cathy Heck Studio


This year, at SURTEX, we are featuring our new collection, Made With Love. And, indeed, all of the original art was stitched by hand–a labor of love. And time. The silver lining was, however, that we could stitch the art while enjoying a variety of excellent PBS programs … except Sherlock. (You CANNOT stitch and watch Sherlock with any hope of following his digitally displayed deductive reasoning.)

During SURTEX, we will also be sharing many other collections, which have been created with a variety of media. Sometimes, an art director will ask us, “What medium do you use?” And, our answer might be, “What medium would you like us to use?” We enjoy choosing the perfect material to fit the collection: watercolor or gouache, cut-outs or collage, pencil or pixels–or all of the above. We think it makes the final collection stronger. Plus, it’s more fun.

So, we recruited a few of our studio elephants to help us compile a packet showing the variety of mediums and styles we use in the studio. See some of the samples from our Pack of Pachyderms below.




If you are an art director looking for a painterly elephant of a giraffe in stitches, please come by our booth. We would love to visit. (And if you have to miss the safari party this year, just give us a call when we are back in the studio, and we’ll party digitally.)

Hope to see you at SURTEX. Cathy, Ellen, and Julianna


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