Mr. Moose Goes To SURTEX

If you are headed to SURTEX, we hope you will stop by our booth. Or, if you prefer to have an appointment, just click on the SURTEX button from our new updated website. We look forward to seeing you in NYC.


P.S. If you find at any moment during the show that you have been so excited about seeing so much amazing art all in one place and forgot to eat something and are feeling faint and woozy, we will again offer a pepper-upper show snack. This year’s menu: granola bars to celebrate our eco-hip hand-made collection, Made With Love. (We didn’t actually hand-make the granola bars … just the collection. You will be glad to know this, as we only have a License to Draw*, not a license to make food.)

*I presume we have a license to draw … since we read Ronnie Walter’s book, License to Draw. Ronnie, do we have an official license to draw if we read your book?


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  1. Annie May 16, 2014

    I sure hope I now have a license to draw. Read Ronnies book and loved it! Have a wonderful Surtex!

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