Awesome Dads Award

Recently, while Jim was acquiring a few more coding tips from one of our expert WordPress ninjas, he learned that Toyin and a group of dads take turns arranging monthly events for their 6-and-7-year olds. The Saturday outings include visits to different businesses to learn how they work. How cool is that? Awesome Dad award!

Monthly field trips have included everything from a water treatment plant tour to a volcanic explosion experiment. Imagine our delight when Toyin asked if the budding entrepreneurs could come to our studio to learn about art as a business. Here is a photo montage of our young studio interns discovering the process of creating a product from sketch to finish.


  • Project: Personalized Fabric Decals
  • Materials: Pen, Colored Pencil, Marker, Imagination
  • Background Music: Disney tunes

Above, the three designers were hard at work. They had nailed down their concepts, and were busy with color and style choices.


While the artists were developing their projects, the dads, (an engineer, an architect and a web developer) learned about the production end of product making … from paint to pixels.

At the work table, the creativity began. Look at this adorable penguin! Coincidentally, penguins have been showing up in the studio frequently, as we are working on new products for Christmas 2016. Sometimes you just have to start singing Christmas carols, no matter how hot it is outside!


A stong fashion sense is very handy for a product designer. This drawing reminded me of Andy Warhol’s early fashion illustrations. Watch out dad, this gal may be moving to a stylish townhouse in Manhattan before you know it!


You just can’t go wrong with hearts of pink for a girl’s room. Just ask this expert on pink-ness … she completed her border with every possible pink Prismacolor made.


Press time! Our three art directors watch patiently as the final product strike-offs are arriving hot off the printer.


Ta dah! Personalized Room Decals, ready to peel and adorn the rooms of these engaging young designers. And since our fabric decals are repositionable, they can be moved from door to wall to mirror to window. Happy decorating!


Thank you to the thoughtful dads for sharing these talented young artists with us. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday … for the girls AND for us. And, just think dads, in a blink of an eye, your field trips will include some college tours!! Enjoy the journey.

The Cathy Heck Studio team

P.S. If you are suddenly wishing for a personalized wall decal for your own child’s room, visit our new shop, Mej Mej. We are making more exciting art to adorn creative rooms every day.


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