From Sketch To Stitch

If you haven’t heard already, Mej Mej is open! We are having a blast putting up new product every single day. We have had a great response to one of our favorite collections, Made With Love. So, guess what … when you like it, we make more of it! That’s how it works at Mej Mej! Here is a quick look to see the journey each piece takes from sketch to stitch!
In the studio, everything (and I mean everything) starts with a sketch. Above, Cathy H (or as I like to call her … Sketch Master Flex) is working on the first iteration of one of our newest pieces of personalized art, Bouncy Bear.
Above, Sketch Master Flex, I mean Cathy, I mean Mom … has now taken her sketch and translated it to thread form. I wait to add my creative flair until after this step because the first time I tried embroidery was also my last. Let’s just say that it looked like I sneezed thread on my hoop. Oh wait! I have a fun fact! Do you see that tiny little dot on my Mom’s index finger?! That is a battle scar from my mother’s many years at the drawing table! She stabbed herself accidentally with a super-pointy rapidiograph pen and now she has that special dot! It’s her very own teeny tiny tattoo. Sorry Mom … these are the kinds of stories that might be revealed when I blog for you!
And, here is the final product … This is where I step in! I’m the anchor, the last leg, the big shabang at the end of the relay race. I would say that I’m the most important leg of the race … but Mom has technically already raced the previous 3 legs … still, that last leg is pretty darn important, right?! Anyway, I take what Cathy has created and with a little computer magic and coding flair, present you with a super cute personalizable cloth wall decal.

So visit Mej Mej today. And tomorrow. (We create new designs every day.) Okay, back to the Sketch-To-Finish Medley. Go Team Mej Mej.


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