A Thanksgiving Table with a Thank You Note Surprise

We LOVE Kraft paper when it’s spelled with a K, because it means craft with an extra dash of KOOL. As this year’s Thanksgiving dinner approaches, we thought, “Let’s skip the white linens, and go for a casual maker vibe with black and white and kraft all over.” Here are a few ideas if you would like to join us as we prepare for Kraftsgiving.



We inspired ourselves from a little thank you supper that we prepared for some friends during the summertime. We like the fresh whites with the kraft, but we plan to add a few persimmons for this holiday as a nod to fall bounty.

First, we used big fat Sharpies and a little white paint to create round and square place mat shapes. Then we loosely cut them out. Did the white paint make them a little bit wrinkly? Yes, it did. All the more makers.


Then, we wrapped the table with the crunchy recycled paper like a giant krafty present, and placed the marker masterpieces on top.


Here’s the best part. You can surprise everyone with a little thank you note hidden underneath each plate. It could be a phrase or a prayer. It could be about friendship or gratitude. Or one special something about each person at the table.

And, if you are lucky enough to have children attending your feast, invite them to do the calligraphy, or better yet, to create the phrases themselves. There is nothing better than thank you thoughts from the mouths of babes.



And if we were writing a thank you note under your place setting, we would say, “Thank you for reading our blog, sharing ideas, watching us make new art and cheering us on.

We are grateful. From all of us at Cathy Heck Studio



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