It’s Texacrainian Egg Time!

It’s time to make some awesome eggs! Texacrainian is the name we use for Ukrainian eggs that we make with slightly more casual design requirements than those made in eastern Europe. Every year, right about the time that the bluebonnets show up on Texas highways, we know it’s time to pull out our egg-making-box.

This year we almost didn’t. Sometimes, when we are so busy with work, we think maybe we’ll skip a year. And then we are sad. So when these two adorable sisters asked to learn about our egg making process to start their own egg tradition, we said yes and yes.




It was a win, win for all. Really, it was a bigger win for us. Not only did we love passing along our years of egg stories, but we ourselves were able to do a little art stretching and brush-up on our thinking-backwards batiking skills. I’m certain our work projects will be greatly enhanced after a day of good healthy egg art.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s fun … and the beginning of another family Texacrainian egg collection.



If you might like to start your own family egg collection, we shared a few tips and tricks in this earlier blog post.

Here is the best tip of all: there is no such thing as a bad egg. Really. You can. not. mess. up! Whether the wax drips or blobs or blips, it’s just the beginning of an even better design you didn’t even know you were making. The surprise is the best part. And every egg is beautiful!


As you can imagine, after all these years, we have made quite a few eggs … and they tell so many stories. You can see hints of important birthdays, favorite sports and all kinds of growing up milestones. When our egg collection is all together, I feel like I am looking at bowls full of jewels and memories.  Happy Eastertime with your own little chicks!


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