3 … 2 … 1 … Blast Off! It’s a First Friday Launch

Summertime is here. Let the adventures begin! We think June is a perfect month to introduce Galaxy, our new space adventure collection. Inspired by this little fella who loves all things that go, we created a solar system that will keep him dreaming even after nap time is over. Of course, the best time of day will be when he wakes up in his very own galaxy.

With loose paInterly brushstrokes, rockets soar through the stars, while spaceships land on the planets of your choice. You can fill a painted accent wall with cosmic cuteness or scatter atomic stars across the ceiling. WIth this versatile group, let your imagination soar.

When creating the artwork for this collection, we wanted to soften the hard edges of the shiny machines and design the elements to be round and friendly. (No scary aliens in our solar system.) So we decided to paint the original images with gouache and brush. This style is perfect for our repositionable fabric wall decals, because they look as if they have been painted directly to the wall. The colors are muted, but fun. Our goal was to create a collection that would be as appealing to parents who love clean design as it is to their little space explorers.

We also added a sweet print to celebrate the newest star in your universe.

And, if your little ones are going to be dreaming of adventures in the cosmos, they probably need proper space suits. Here’s a perfect onezee for the best dressed explorer on Earth. And it’s 100% organic cotton, so not only is it made with the environment in mind, it’s also super soft! And it’s part of our One-For-Onezee™ program. For every onezee purchased, another new onezee is given to a baby in need. We like to think this makes the stars shine a little bit brighter.

So the Galaxy collection has landed. Happy Friday and happy flying … to bedtime and beyond.

And just to remind ourselves that anything is possible, we thought we would end our ode to the vast universe with this wonderful link to the first small step onto the Moon. Enjoy our newest collection fellow explorers!


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