One of our collections just gained a sister … and a brother!

The popular Woodland collection just gained a sister … and a brother! This entire kids’ decor line is now available in both pink and blue! Lots of requests have been pouring in over the last few months … “We love this fox but could she carry pink balloons?” Or, “we really like this raccoon, but could he carry a blue umbrella?” Well, here you go Woodland lovers! Your wishes are our commands.

Kids LOVE this collection! With larger than life decals, these friendly characters spark your little ones’ imaginations. They are perfect above the bed, or in the playroom, or on any wall that needs a bit of storybook fun. And don’t forget, this little raccoon can float right off of this wall and into another room when it’s time for a move, because ALL of our fabric decals can be removed and reused with NO damage to your walls or paint. Phew!

The silvery gray aspens still work as an anchor for the pops of pink and blue in each of the new color palettes. And the woodland theme is still as versatile as ever. You can take it in so many directions … add a floral mobile for a boho vibe, or add some faux fur and a teepee to ignite some early dreams of adventure.

This Woodland Kit below comes with every single animal from the collection! So, if you can’t decide on one favorite, grab them all with this decal set. It’s one of our best sellers!

And, as you know, we love personalized gifts for new babies, and big kids, too! And we have lots of new options for you to choose from! New hemstitched pillows, One-forOnezee’s, and fine art prints are ready for your customization. So, if you have a baby shower or a birthday in your calendar, take a little trip to the personalized section of our shop.

So, there you go folks! Our little woodland is blooming in pink … and blue. Both new collections are now available in our online shop! We hope to see you soon!





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