Let’s Organize!

Have you caught the organizing bug this summer? We have, too! And, we are so excited to add some more fun products to our shop from the NEW Happy + Bright collaboration with Primitives by Kathy. One of our favorite things about this group of useful gifts is that you can curate them to be personalized and unique. For example, for your next shower gift, you might fill this cute diaper caddy with baby blankets and bathtime supplies  … OR we’ve heard that diapers and champagne are a perfect pairing much appreciated by new parents. :-)

Ok, so we are totally joking that July is Organize My Stuff Month … but isn’t it a great idea?  And new moms who have new-mom-brain will be so grateful if your baby shower gift can help her do just that…organize! And if you are a group of officemates, family member, friend, or a grandma, like me, who loves to overdo the giving thing, you can fill every pocket with a little something special.

Our new hanging organizers are perfect for tiny toys, bathtime potions, craft supplies, healthy treats, and even a handy place to toss that lego you almost stepped on! 

And if you have already listened to Marie Kondo and given away all the tiny sweaters that were too small (thanking them for their countless wears that sparked joy, of course) then you probably have exactly the right number of outerwear pieces to place on these adorable hooks by the door. (They come in a few different styles.) Tip: hang them low enough for little arms to place their very own things on their very own hooks all by their very own independent selves.

And there may be nothing more satisfying than organizing your books … whether by theme or by color. And we have two new sets of bookends for punctuating your very tidy bookshelves. 

We have found that right in the middle of book organizing day, you might say, “I forgot I had that book!” and suddenly decide to curl up and start reading and imagining a new adventure. And that’s okay. You can finish organizing the books tomorrow. Happy tidying and we hope our new Happy + Bright designs for organizing bring you joy! Happy First Friday of July from the Mej Mej family!


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