Mermaids are here!

Happy First Friday and oh my goodness gracious do we have a magical treat for you! We hope you fall in love with the NEW magical Mermaid Collection, a fanciful under-the-sea world filled with charming mermaid friends ready to dance and sing with your own little mermaid. Created from original watercolor illustrations, this imaginative family of sea friends brings a modern twist to favorite age-old fairy tales.

My mom and dad have always called me a mermaid, because of my love for the water and the ocean. When I was a toddler, I loved to put my head under water just long enough to scare my mom to death! And, my love of the water grew through swim team years, scuba diving adventures, and now I swim just about every day of the week! My little sister loves to tell a story from our childhood about a time when we shared a room together. She believes that I made her wear a bathing suit to bed just in case Peter Pan came to take us to Neverland, because then we would be prepared to swim with the mermaids. And, I can’t completely deny this story … So, channeling the ocean vibes for this collection was super fun and quite close to my heart. I couldn’t wait to dip my brush into my water to start illustrating … water! … and mermaids!

One of my favorite things about this collection is that you are able to … MAKE YOUR OWN MERMAID! We have provided 3 complexion choices and 4 hair colors so you can mix and match the options until you find a combo that works for you! 

This collection includes three mermaids named Cora, Melody, and Pearl. You can purchase them separately, or you can order them in a sightly smaller size as a full Mermaid Kit

And, if you want to add even more sea creatures to your walls, we also offer an Under Sea Kit that coordinates in size with the larger mermaids. With the brushy textures of the original artwork, your walls will look as though they were hand-painted by a muralist …  but like the magic of a mermaid, your new fabric decals can move from room to room, without leaving a single bit of fairy dust.

So there you have it! Another magical First Friday in the books. We hope you enjoy the full collection and can’t wait to see the ways you add the sparkle of the ocean to your little mermaids’ rooms. 


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