When coloring on your walls is OK!

Hello moms and dads and caregivers across the world who have suddenly found yourselves in charge of schoolday activities! We see you and we hear you. And we think you are doing a GREAT job! … And we would love to help.

This week’s mid-month intro is something that we actually began about 4 years ago … but life and work kept pushing it back, but NOW life and work pushed it right up to the front. Tadah! Color Your Very Own Repositionable Fabric Wall Decals! We’re starting with Butterflies since they symbolize hope, which we all may need right about now. And we’ll have more themes to come soon!

With this project, you can enjoy some very special parent/child time together, OR we think we can guarantee a full uninterrupted cup-of-coffee quiet time! Maybe even two!! Click HERE if you need to order immediately. ;-)

Above are photos sent to us of our first testers, two adorable boys belonging to our wonderful once-upon-a-time studio assistant who now lives in California. Before I even sent the instruction sheet, they had jumped right to work with the watercolor pencils … which, by the way, have a very magical end result!

You can also use other mediums like washable markers and watercolor paints. If you don’t already have them in your craft bin, you can add them to your order. This is very handy if you are sending as a gift from a grandmother who is missing somebody far away (like me!). We can add 3 different kid-friendly, non-toxic options by Crayola brand: 1) Water-soluble Markers 2) Watercolor Pencils and 3) Watercolor Paint. And, they all work great on our fabric decals. See the different looks kids (and grown-ups) can achieve below. Just add a little Disney soundtrack and you’re good to go.

This was actually a project that we tried and tested in 2016, when our first grandson began to play with crayons and markers … He was a littleyoung for this project at the time, but he was the first to try it. See below photo right: Even a one-year-old can create a very pleasing wall decor design! At least in the eyes of his Nana! :-) And in the left photo is that same little/big fella trying out our NEW butterflies … this photo also illustrates that time is passing way too fast! 

Note to moms and dads: As you watch your children fall into a coloring zen, you may suddenly have the urge to join in … and, we’re guessing that if you ask verrrry nicely, you will be invited to stay. The butterfly kit is large enough to color as a group of budding artists, (a small group of course) … or great for spreading the activity out over a few sessions. And when you are finished, don’t forget the big reveal! Your beautiful decals can be placed almost anywhere. Just make sure the surfaces are dust free, and you can move them again and again. (You can even store them on their backing and bring them out another day!) We’ve seen them shine on bedroom walls, brighten closet spaces, and glow from window glass, which almost has a stained glass effect when the sun is shining! (Note: Not recommended for outside use, as the  water soluable colors will most certainly wash away in a rain shower!)

And for one more colorful twist. Have you seen the photos being shared by families all over the world with rainbows in every form imagineable? The pictures full of hope and love are being shared with the hashtag #letsallbewell. So we thought it would be fun to color a set of butterflies in rainbow order to join the heart-warming movement. 

Below is our interpretation created with watercolor pencils. If your children (and you, too!) would like to follow along and learn some tips, you can watch the process on our YouTube channel. And, we are happy to be your subsitute teacher (in video form) for about an hour, if you need to get some things done. Or if you don’t want to do anything at all. :-)

We hope you enjoy the fun. Please share all of your colorful spaces with us by tagging your photos #shopmejmej We LOVE to see your masterpieces!  And if you would like to color a butterfly right this minute, we have one for you, HERE. It’s a FREE downloadable coloring page, so you can let the hope take flight. We are so grateful that you follow us and support our little design family, especially during these uncertain times. Take good care of yourselves while you are staying together apart.

Love from the Mej Mej family team

And thank you to photographers: @leslielewissigler_paints and @xokophoto 


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