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Hi there unexpected-homebodies! How are you doing? We hope that you and your families are safe and sound. AND, if your inner interior designer has been awakened while you have spent so many hours in your stay-at-home home, we think you will LOVE our May Intro! Finally, after months of planning and designing and testing, we are so excited to add our new easy-to-install repositionable Fabric WALLPAPER to the Mej Mej mix.

Just think … someday, when your grown-up children ask, “What did you do during the Quarantine?” You can say, “We wallpapered your room and you slept through the night from that moment on.” Well, we can’t actually guarantee that last part, but we can promise a unique room design that will inspire lots of sweet dreams! 

We designed each pattern so that it can coordinate beautifully with our existing larger fabric decals. Below is an example from the Away We Go collection. Perfect for little explorers born in the year of the No-Travel-Quarantine!

All of our wallpapers are printed with non-toxic inks on a heavy repositionable fabric material that is easy to install, move, and remove! And it doesn’t leave a single bit of residue! So it is a wonderful design solution for those of you who have been eager to try wallpaper, but just weren’t ready to commit. Or, some of you who never quite finished the nursery before your bundle of joy took over your spare time … in a good way, of course. And, peel-and-stick wallpaper is very handy for rental properties, too.

After many tries, we decided on the easy-to-install size of 24” x 36” for the repeatable tiles. Depending on the size of your wall, your project might take less than an hour! It’s so easy, you might decide to wallpaper every room in the house.

Wallpaper is a clever way to create a feeling of excitement in a small space like a little nursery, a powder room, or even a closet. We have had fun using extra pieces inside drawers, on headboards, on fronts of organizational bins, and on the outside of modern or vintage furniture. The sky’s the limit for wallpaper-able opportunities. 

But our favorite thing about wallpaper is the calm relaxing feeling that occurs from the gentle repetitive patterns. There’s nothing better than waking up and lazily following a pattern around the room until one is ready to greet the world. Maybe the new wallpaper in the baby’s room will entertain your little one just long enough for you to receive 20 extra minutes before you are summoned to start your day! Crossed-fingers emoji. :-)

We hope you enjoy transforming your walls into beautiful works of art. And we can’t wait to see your magical spaces!

To celebrate YOU, our wonderful newsletter followers, here is your FIRST LOOK SURPRISE: Please enjoy using the code, WONDERWALLS at checkout for 25% off of your choices of wallpaper designs through May 15.

And, we hope you stay safe during these uncertain times, and that our nursery decor brings joy to your Stay-At-Home days, and some happy growing-up memories for your little ones.

Love from the Mej Mej family team

And thank you to photographer: @xokophoto


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