Hello Hue!

Almost every day, we receive a request for one of our Color Story sets:: “Would it be possible for you to create these pretty watercolor hearts in blues only?”  … or greens only, … or pinks only … or … or … or … and today the answer is YES and YES and YES! Your wish is our command. Introducing the newest addition to the Color Story collection: HUE!

Whether you want to anchor your new room design with a pink polka dot wall, or fill a room with blue hearts, we are ready to make your vision come to life. 

Because the Color Story images are created with original watercolor artwork, the tonal nuances enable each set to blend with the colors in your favorite bedding or the pattern on the new rocker … or the toys that may or may not be strewn about the floor. :-) (we love that by the way because it means, “we love to play in this room!”)

And just to show you one more picture that might make your inner designer explode with creativity, here’s an example of the way you can choose your favorite hues. We have created 9 different single-color versions for all of your favorite Color Story collection shapes: dots, triangles, squares and hearts.

And, just in case your favorite color today is not your favorite color tomorrow, all of our repositionable fabric decals are completely removable and leave absolutely no sticky residue. Soooo, if your little one was a lover of all things pink .. until the day she preferred all things green … no problem. We can give you the rainbow … One. Color. At. A. Time.

We hope you have  fun creating your colorful spaces for playing and sleeping … and drawing and dreaming.

With love from the Mej Mej family


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