New trucks are here!

Zoom, vroom, beep! The Away We Go collection is the perfect backdrop for any truck or car enthusiast’s room. And now, inspired by all of your requests, we have added 3 new categories to this beloved collection: construction, hot rods, and emergency vehicles. So rev your engines, we are ready to roll!

Influenced by our littlest studio member’s love for all things that go, we had daily reminders of the things-on-wheels that we needed to add to this collection. The construction category was top on our list because he LOVES a good excavator. I mean who doesn’t, am I right?! Recently, his grandparents renovated their house, and a small truck lived in their backyard for a few weeks. Of course, we had to make daily trips to climb on it. And, we were able to capture the joy of truck-loving for our sketches first hand! It was a win, win. 

The other categories fell into place every time we hit the road. When we were on our way to school, we were constantly looking for fire trucks. They were a great tool for early language, too. What sound does the fire truck make? The sound he makes when I ask is my current favorite ‘word’ that he says right now.

All of the kits come in 3 different sizes and they include lots of accent pieces like cones, road barricades, and road signs. Click this link to see the Emergency Kit in size Medium. We also offer a Fire Truck Toss, like the set below, with 20 single trucks, so that you can create a wallpaper look in a flash.

All the categories feature the same color palette so if you are wondering if they will work with one another, the answer is YES, they are all designed to work on the road together. The style for the collection is modern and fun. The original artwork is hand-painted with a cohesive color story, and we purposely left lots of painterly strokes within the shapes. You can mix them all together or focus on one group. The Construction Trucks below look great as a grid on a wall. And we think the Hot Rods are fun to place in little groupings around your child’s room.

Oh, and one more thing! If you are having trouble with the amount of plastic that comes with a young truck enthusiast, trust me, I feel you. I am constantly on the lookout for more charming alternatives that both of us love. Some of our favorite trucks right now are these wooden beauties by Tender Leaf. Aren’t they fun?! I bought them as a great accessory, but he loves to actually play with them!

So there you have it! Our newest addition for all the little truck and car lovers on the road! Happy motoring! Beep beep!


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