Abstract shapes are here!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” — Pablo Picasso

Pablo was right! No matter what you may be doing for your daily work … down deep … you are an artist. Soooo … Treat your walls like a blank canvas and have fun with your own creative expression using our Abstract collection. Channel your inner Matisse and be bold with graphic shapes and happy colors. The options are endless. Have fun!

You can choose from two different looks to begin your own work of art. Abstract Shapes Bright and Abstract Shapes Fresh. Both bold, both fun, and both extremely versatile! You can scatter them across a wall for a mural or wallpaper effect or you can pick your favorite shapes to add accents to parts of your room. We love placing them behind hanging objects, like shelves or framed art, to add a graphic pop.

Both options are available in small, medium, and large offerings. We love giving you choices. Each has its strength, so you really can’t go wrong! And don’t forget, our decals are repositionable. So, if you are nervous about where and how to place them, please remove that worry from your mind, because you can’t miss!  If you want proof, please visit this post on our Instagram feed, where I am installing the decals. I had no plan and a toddler underfoot, plus I am currently 8.5 months pregnant … and, yet, it was still a success!

If you are wondering what sparked the inspiration behind the colors and shapes of this collection, I have our son to thank We went on a nature walk and I asked him to pick 10 items that he thought were special. He loved this activity so much, that we did it inside as well! When I was in art school, we performed little brainstorming activities like this and I found that they really sparked my imagination. They can push you in directions that you never thought you would go!

I loved that our little guy was a big part of the process for this group. He enjoys talking about all the different shapes which makes our hearts so happy. Here he is considering an installation inspired by his field work. ;-)

So, there you have it … the Abstract Shapes collection. And if you are in the mood for a gallery hop right this minute, please drop by the shop and begin imagining the way you will design your own masterpieces. We are so excited to see all the different versions that you will create. Be sure to send pictures! :-) 


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